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Fri 30 September 2016

Category: Courses, London

This is the first in the series of workshops focused on “Technical Mastery” which follows on from the hugely popular Basin Mastery series. It is hosted by AAPG Europe and PESGB. The subject of this workshop is Seismic Analysis of Diagenetic Reactions. It is being held in East Croydon, less than twenty minutes by train from Central London.

Seismic Analysis of Diagenetic Reactions
With Professor Joe Cartwright, University of Oxford

Diagenesis plays a fundamental role in lithification, exerting a first order control on sediment physical properties. As such it has a major impact on reservoir quality and seal integrity. Diagenetic reactions also impact pore water chemistry and pore fluid pressure, both of which are important to understand in petroleum exploration. This workshop focuses on the diagenesis of biogenic silica bearing sediments, although the lessons learned from this system may be applicable more generally. Biosiliceous sediments are very common in continental slope and shelf depositional systems, and as such feature in many petroleum plays worldwide, e.g. the Monterey of California. The diagenetic transformation of opaline silica leads to dramatic reduction in bulk sediment density, and this in turn gives a very distinctive seismic expression of a commonly high amplitude reflection marking the reaction boundary. The diagenetic reaction can therefore be mapped using seismic data, often over vast distances, and this gives us an opportunity to analyse the factors controlling the reaction on a basinal and local scale.

The morning session will focus on providing a general overview of silica diagenesis in sedimentary basins, with an emphasis on physical properties, chemical controls and an introduction to the 2D and 3D seismic expression of the diagenetic transformation. The afternoon session will develop the seismic analysis and focus on the implications of silica diagenesis for petroleum exploration, discussing topics such as drillability of biosiliceous sediments, soft sediment deformation and slope stability, overpressure, and seal integrity.

Practical exercises in seismic interpretation of silica diagenesis will be incorporated into both sessions.

Target audience – Industry and academic participants who are interested in the interpretation of diagenesis using seismic data, and the impact of silica diagenesis on petroleum exploration.   

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