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AAPG/PESGB YP Ythan Estuary Field Trip

Thu 24 September 2015

Category: Education, Field Trips, Membership, PESGB Young Professionals

Review by John Waldron, Centrica Energy

19-20 September

AAPG-PESGB Ythan Estuary Frield Trip

After the success of the field trip to St Cyrus in 2014, the PESGB and AAPG Young Professionals teamed up once more to lead another successful trip to the beautiful Ythan Estuary, just 15 miles North of Aberdeen. A late September field trip in Aberdeen may seem a risk, but we needn’t have worried – to make up for a rainy summer the temperatures were high and the sun was shining.

Doug Boyd of Integrated Sedimentology ran a fantastic trip investigating the sedimentology of the area. The Young Professionals spent the morning studying the different facies of the area, making maps as we went along. The Ythan Estuary is surrounded by spectacular sand dunes so the key focus was on the interaction between the fluvial, tidal, and aeolian processes. Despite an early Saturday morning start Doug’s enthusiasm was infectious and we were soon happily digging away with trowels and working our through the depositional environments. There was even time for some “crisp packet stratigraphy”, allowing us to date one of the layers in the dune back to the 1960’s.

A picnic lunch was taken in the dunes and followed by a short exercise to link the facies maps to well planning and field development. Lots of ideas flowed during this session and the YPs then naturally continued the conversations at the local pub after a quick walk along the northern side of the estuary.

A great day was had by all, with the highlights (other than the geology of course) being the spectacular weather, the scenery, the seals, and of course the crisp packet stratigraphy!

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