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Africa Conference – meet the key note speakers – James Muirhead

Thu 13 July 2017

Category: Africa

James is a postdoctoral researcher at Syracuse University (USA). He received his PhD from the University of Idaho, where he investigated the initiation and evolution of continental rifting in Kenyan and Tanzanian sectors of the East African Rift. A structural geologist by training, his interests lie in understanding magma and fluid transport in continental rifts and other magmatic-tectonic systems, and their role in localizing upper crustal strain. Recent work has focused on fault system development in both the Western and Eastern branches of the East African Rift to compare the relative importance of magma, magmatic fluids, and surface processes as continental rifts evolve to sea-floor spreading.




See ‘Contrasting fault and rift basin evolution in the East Africa Rift: role of magmatism and magmatic volatile release’ at 9.30am on Thursday 31st August at the Africa Conference. See the full programme here


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