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AFRICA E&P CONFERENCE KEYNOTE: Deep Structure of Africa Revealed

Thu 09 July 2015

Category: Africa, Conference, London

AfricaArray ( is a multifaceted initiative to train the next generation of African geoscientists through coupled research and education projects.

The initiative has a permanent geophysical observatory network of some 50 stations spanning 19 African countries with temporary project-based broadband seismic networks for imaging deep earth structure. New seismic images have been produced on the African superplume, which is arguably the largest seismic anomaly in the mantle anywhere, and there has been much speculation on how this feature has influenced African tectonics and basin development.

AfricaArray seismic data has also been instrumental in improving images of basin structure in several places, including the Cuvette Centrale, the east Africa and Madagascar passive margins, and the Central African rift basins.

Hear more at 13.45am on Thursday 3 September 2015 at the 14th PESGB/HGS Africa E&P Conference, Business Design Centre, London.

To see the full programme and to register your place, click here.

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