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Become a member of the Toastmasters community!

Wed 17 February 2021

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Toastmasters International is a worldwide, long standing, membership of people who meet every two weeks to improve their public speaking skills. It doesn’t matter how many presentation skills trainings you have been on; without regular practice you can never hone your skills.

There is much more to presenting technical information than just reading it from a power point presentation, there is tone of voice, the power of the pause, body language, volume variation and lots of other considerations too. Some of the members I see present do an amazing job and I would like to support everyone whose interested in improving their skills, as in the end, it will make PESGB conferences and training even better!

I am considering setting up a Toastmasters group for the PESGB, it would be virtual and global so anyone can join, and I wondered if there were any fellow Toastmasters among you who would like to support this idea.

There is a charge of £39 for 6 months for the Toastmasters membership and for access to all its resources. This is paid to Toastmasters, the PESGB is not benefiting financially.

If you are already a Toastmaster or are interested in finding out more then please drop me a line so I can gauge interest to

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