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Book Annoucement: Rifts III: Catching the Wave

Wed 23 January 2019

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Rifts III: Catching the Wave

The November issue of Petroleum Geoscience contains a selection of papers on our understanding of continental margin evolution. These papers result from the Geological Society of London’s Petroleum Group conference ‘Rifts III: Catching the Wave’ in April 2016. This conference featured a data-rich compilation of basin margin papers that highlighted the imperfections of end-member thinking and, importantly, discussed the exploration implications and significance of fundamental observations rather than on fitting a preconceived model to a margin archetype.

Guest Editors Scot Fraser, Mike Lentini and Al Fraser have put together a compilation of papers that represent a cross-section of the conference content, highlighting:  imaging continent-ocean transitions; understanding extensional processes and regimes; testing models with the benefit of new data and unbiased observations; consideration of heat flow scenarios and the results of exploration (polarizing the potential processes that form wide and narrow margins); subsidence in time and space; and using the empirical data to better constrain numerical models whilst developing exploration forward models to reduce exploration risk.

The ‘Rifts III: Catching the Wave’ thematic set has been published in the November issue of Petroleum Geoscience and is now available online here


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