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Committee Highlights: Changing the Game in Geophysics

Fri 15 July 2016

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Stephen Pickering of the Geophysics Committee, shares his highlights from the upcoming Geophysics Seminar…

The investors in our industry; the bankers, investment trusts and venture capitalists, have in recent years become very risk averse with regards Exploration new ventures. Based upon recent results there is a common misbelief that the time for exploration is over. Fortunately geophysics has a superb track record of game changing innovations combining science and engineering; common midpoint gathers, 3D seismic, multi-cable and multi-source acquisition, broadband, Reverse Time Migration, are just a few. Each one of these innovations has changed the exploration game through lowering costs, speeding up the process of data collection and analysis, and/or providing more accurate and informed measurements – Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. These innovations individually and collectively have contributed to the impressive record of geophysics to make step changes in Exploration drilling performance and in identifying subsurface hydrocarbon resources.

The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) will host a seminar at the Geological Society, Piccadilly on 27th/28th September on the theme of Getting Value from Geophysics: Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness for Low Oil Prices.

Amongst the presentations at the seminar Joshua May will present Towed Streamer Electromagnetics an innovative technique which combines electromagnetic acquisition with broadband seismic. The resulting measurements are both cheaper and more efficient and the results of a seismically guided inversion can be displayed as shown in the image above. The high resistivity is evidence of possible hydrocarbons and when combined with a structural trap, result in reduced exploration risk.

Towed Streamer Electromagnetics is one of many Game Changing techniques you can learn about at the seminar.

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The Game isn’t over yet!

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