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Thu 01 October 2015

Category: Guest Contributor

Robert Stevens, 25
Analyst at Richmond Energy Partners based in Chiswick, London

I specialised in geology at university as part of a four-year Natural Sciences degree. I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to pursue afterwards but I was interested in having more of a commercial than technical/geological role. For some reason the thought of working for an oil company didn’t really appeal to me, but I did want to use my degree in some way and hence an analyst position within the oil and gas industry seemed like a good fit.

I spent two years at my first job as an upstream analyst carrying out economic modelling of oil and gas fields and writing up reports on key assets, principally in the Middle East and North Africa region. I joined REP in December 2014, a consultancy that provides intelligence on global conventional exploration. We are quite a small company which means I’ve been able to take on a fair amount of responsibility in terms of authoring research pieces and driving our product development.

Day to day my job involves monitoring news-flow on companies’ exploration activities, contributing to the regular briefing notes we produce for our clients and delivering enhancements to increase the functionality of our web-based service. I’m also using my geology more than I was previously, as each well that goes into our database has to be thoroughly researched. I particularly like the broad overview we get to see of the exploration sector, something that can seemingly be lost within oil companies, and the insights you can draw out from a database of a few thousand exploration wells can be really quite profound.

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