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Didn’t we have a lovely day…

Thu 19 July 2018

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Following the highly-successful inaugural PESGB/SEAPEX held in London in June 2018, 11 hardy souls ventured to England’s famed Jurassic Coast (Wessex Basin, Dorset) for three days (29 June to 1 July) of rocks, culture and a lot of sun.

The trip was ably led by Andy Racey, well-known to us in South East Asia as co-author of the recent Geological Society of London Memoir on the petroleum geology of Myanmar. Not only had Andy prepared a field guide for the six SEAPEX stalwarts, he had also prepared (much-appreciated) notes for the accompanying non-geologists.

For two days Andy was joined by the remarkable Steve Etches ( whose amazing collection of fossils from the Kimmeridge Clay is housed in a museum purpose-built to house the collection (The Etches Collection, Andy is Chairman of the Trust which runs the museum

Traffic was dire in the field area (well, it was summer and the sun was shining!), resulting in some last-minute changes to the itinerary and temporary “loss” of participants using their own transport.

Friday afternoon was spend examining Kimmeridge Formation coastal outcrops in Kimmeridge Bay; much of Saturday examining the structure of Lulworth Cove and how it formed; Sunday morning at Kimmeridge Bay and the Etches Collection Museum.

From a personal perspective, the trip was an eye-opener: the Kimmeridge is one of the world’s great source rock successions and nothing can beat seeing rocks in the field.

The excursion was a great success – sincere thanks to Andy and Steve.


Peter Baillie


Photo 1: KImmeridge Clay Formation coastal outcrop, Kimmeridge Bay; Ian Longley for scale.

Photo 2: Steve Etches explaining something to Huw Evans; Etches Collection Museum.

Photo 3: Late Jurassic Marine reptile skull, Etches Collection Museum.

Photo 4: Andy indicating direction of Singapore, Lulworth Cove.

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