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Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something

Tue 04 August 2015

Category: Membership, Pearls of Wisdom

Article by Jacqui Spalding, Dancy Dynamics

The trouble with a recession is that there often isn’t enough to do. Companies and their clients and customers have had to make cutbacks, which is understandable, but that leaves us with less to do in a day, so what to do with our time?

The answer is to keep busy. You could for instance do some studying, the PESGB runs lots of short courses throughout the year in a variety of locations which can be both interesting and develop your knowledge and skills. This will of course also enhance your career or perhaps allow you to move in a new direction.  Alternatively you could offer to run a course yourself which might allow you to develop new skills, perhaps some you didn’t know you had!

You could offer to visit a nearby school or college to begin sowing the seed for the next generation of geoscientists. Last year when we had a slack patch I prepared a set of slides and we went into a local school that does A-level Geology. We enjoyed it and so did the pupils – it sparked career ideas that they had never thought of before and, in at least one girl, renewed interest in a subject she was considering dropping. Most schools do a bit of geology somewhere in their curriculum and welcome a real-life professional to talk about what they do, or maybe show them some interesting rocks. Teachers often end up being a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades and may appreciate a bit of input from your specialist area.

Alternatively this could be the time to write that article you have been promising to get around to, magazines always welcome a new voice. If you know your stuff but aren’t confident about turning it into something people will want to read there are always people who can help with that bit of it. You could also develop your social media profile by publishing an article on Linked In or Oilpro for example, if you don’t feel confident enough to write your own stuff yet you can begin by commenting on other people’s posts.

Or perhaps you could prepare a paper and speak at a conference: good for your career and the opportunities to network that these situations present is always useful.

Or perhaps it is time to tidy up some of that old data that has been kicking around for a while, who knows what nuggets you may discover while you are doing it, and having data in good order can never be anything but useful.

Or is it just time to tidy your desk?

In the words of an old Somerset proverb, “Do zummat, do gude if ye can, but do zummat”.

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