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Energetic Speakers Meeting 28th June

Thu 01 July 2021

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As we move into summer it will prove challenging to get a full quota of people to the meetings but what we lacked in people was made up for in energy and good humour.

We had two more Ice breaker speeches which are the first ones in the programme where the participants tell us a little about themselves.

Andrea De Silva did a wonderful, adjective filled speech about her love of Singapore, entitled, My Most Favourite Place to Live in the Whole Wide World!! For those of us who have spent time in Singapore, she took us on a ‘mind flight’ across to that beautiful island.

Ali Karagul gave us The Joy of Loving my Profession, a very personal journey on his passion for his career and where that comes from, both speakers did an amazing job.  All the speeches for the evening are evaluated so speakers get the chance to hear what was great about what they said and how they said it and how it can be improved.  The evaluation is a key tool to support learning within Energetic Speakers and we had some great insights from Ed Collins and Richard Norris.

Our theme for the evening was Going Places and all the impromptu speaking was around this theme, ‘who was your worst travel companion’, ‘what did you forget to pack’ and ‘is it the journey or the arrival that you enjoy the most’? We had some great answers which intern gave us great insights.

If you fancy trying your hand at this yourself, please register for a free attendance at the next meeting.  It’s a friendly group and will improve your presentations both at work and in social situations.

The next meeting is on the 12th July at 7.30pm.

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