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Energetic Speakers | Toastmasters review meeting 12/07/21

Wed 14 July 2021

What a night we had, no penalties but plenty of action!!!

The theme of the evening was Sporting Prowess and there were some wonderful facts about the members to be discovered through this.  Ali has a penchant for open water swimming and swum an incredible 17km in competition as a youth. Melanie was a rower and Ed enjoyed high jump, these elements that we learn as part of this bring a new dimension to our networking.

We had two impressive Icebreaker (first time) speeches, Clément gave us a walk in the forest with his beautiful use of the English language (David Attenborough eat your heart out!) and Shereen shared her journey from her home in Jamacia to the present day with a vocal variety that engaged us and kept us excited for what came next.

The evaluators for the speeches were Sam and Melanie and both delivered comprehensive, well-paced and considered evaluations with both commendations and recommendations to help us all be better speakers.  The speed with which the group are developing their skills, is more than a little awe-inspiring.

We had three guests to last night’s meeting and I do hope they will join us again, indeed one of them, Vim, even won the coveted best Table Topic award for impromptu speaking!!

The impromptu speaking element of the evening was delivered with upmost confidence, skill and more than a little humour. I must congratulate the speakers and of course the Table Topic Evaluator Ed, who did a thorough job in giving a short evaluation to each one, it’s a difficult task and he did an admirable job.

A great night and I hope that there are others among you who will give this a try as any learning is a bonus and these skills are useful in both your work and social life. Next meeting 26/07/21 at 7.30pm. Sign up here!

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