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Geophysics Seminar: Call for Papers

Thu 18 February 2016

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The PESGB Geophysics SIG survey which closed on 8th February yielded some interesting and timely results.  Seventy nine members completed the survey, surprisingly 70 percent had never previously attended a Geophysics SIG event.  Overwhelmingly the members wanted an event in 2016 to address the topic Getting Value From Geophysics; Efficiency, Economy and Effectiveness for low oil prices.

The location and duration of the seminar were less clear cut but we think we can honestly summarise the survey that the respondents want a low cost short duration event.  We will do our best to fulfil this request with a 1 or 2 day event at a location in the London area, to be determined based upon location, cost and facilities available.

At least twenty one of the respondents indicated that they were willing to deliver a paper.  We would like those respondents and anyone else wishing to submit a paper to send a very brief initial summary to Jim Henderson

Examples of what might we expect from a seminar on Getting Value From Geophysics; Efficiency, Economy and Effectiveness for low oil prices:

  • Low cost geophysical acquisition methods through operational efficiency, fit for purpose deliverables
  • High resolution seismic acquisition for thin bed reservoirs
  • Case studies on reprocessing of existing geophysical datasets with better algorithms
  • New methods of interpretation extracting attributes from existing datasets getting the right outputs
  • Integration of datasets for joint inversion including electromagnetic, gravity and seismic
  • Integrated multidisciplinary workflows in field development planning and EOR projects
  • Improved reservoir prediction for more successful (effective) drilling outcomes
  • Value of information studies

Eight survey participants responded that they hoped their companies might be willing to sponsor the seminar, this was a super response as without sponsorship delivering a low cost event becomes very difficult.  No donation is too small, and sponsors get great exposure to over 6,000 PESGB members, for maximum benefit sign up early – please contact the PESGB office

Thank you to all the respondents for their support – please get involved now!

The PESGB SIG ad hoc (unpaid) team


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