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Get involved with GeoWeek 2020!

Get involved with GeoWeek 2020!


GeoWeek is a new initiative that aims to promote ‘active geoscience’ via a ‘week’ of field trip activities taking place across the UK and Northern Ireland. GeoWeek seeks to introduce as many members of the public to geoscience as possible, mainly through outdoor activities such as urban, rural or coastal field trips.


The first GeoWeek ran in 2018 with 32 planned events and around 900 participants, GeoWeek 2019 showed an increase of more than 130%, with 76 events and an estimated 2200 participants. Events included 28 field visits, 21 urban walks 17 museum-based events 5 sport-related activities and two active quarry visits. This has led the ‘GeoWeek SuperGroup’ to set even more ambitious targets for the future of more than 10,000 participants within 10 years and representation in all UK regions within seven years.

You might think this is impossible, but if the Spanish Geolodia initiative can take more than 10,000 people on geoscience fieldwork in a single day (see for a video), what can we achieve in the UK?


How can PESGB members help to make GeoWeek 2020 an even greater success?

What can you do to help, you may ask? Plan and run a GeoWeek event in your own city, town, village or region! Event organisers, might consider the following options:

  • Field trip or guided walk in a rural or urban area
  • Fieldtrip using Earthcache sites
  • Guided e-bike or canoe trips
  • ‘Ask-a-geologist’ events at museums or science discovery centres
  • Your own innovative strategy

Plan your event, add it to the GeoWeek 2020 website and advertise the details through the local press, posters in prominent places, social media or local radio broadcasts. Please note GeoWeek does not carry any funding. GeoWeek is not responsible for the health and safety of events and does not insure events.

PESGB members can bring a new impetus and dimensions to GeoWeek 2020. So please join us and we can pay you exactly the same as we are paid ourselves (nothing except for a huge bunch of satisfaction, and knowledge that the world know more about geoscience than it once did!)

We look forward to welcoming your event on the GeoWeek 2020 website.


Visit for the  publicity toolkit and details on how to submit and evaluate an event. Contact the GeoWeek SuperGroup at for further assistance.

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