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‘Gneiss’ Rocks

Tue 06 October 2015

Category: Geology, Gneiss Rocks, Membership

Hope Valley Derbyshire


A view westwards down Hope Valley in Derbyshire from Stannage Edge showing elements of the submerged Carboniferous petroleum system explored in the East Midlands. Proximal Namurian gritstones overlay pro-delta turbidites which in turn overlay the organic rich Edale/Bowland shales which are currently being explored for shale gas and provide oil and gas charge to most of the UK onshore petroleum system (e.g. East Midlands).

Stannage Edge Derbyshire
The same Carboniferous Gritstones at Stannage Edge looking northward with large truncation surfaces in conglomeratic prograding foresets. Partially hewn millstones can be seen in the foreground.

From Tim Wright, Merlin Energy Resources

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