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Tue 15 December 2015

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Graham Harman has worked as Exhibition Manager for PESGB for the last few decades. Now retired, he reminisces on some of his early memories in the industry…

Nearly 30 years ago whilst with Exploration Consultants, I travelled to Port- Gentil in Gabon to talk to oil companies about the various services the company could provide. My second port of call was with the Exploration Manager of ELF Aquitaine Gabon. Before getting down to the technical nitty-gritty there was always small talk and an introduction to ECL.

Imagine my surprise when this man told me he had actually been to ECL. Some years earlier, when he was a struggling geophysicist, he had visited ECL’s offices in Henley-upon-Thames and had been collected from the airport by a chauffeur-driven gold Rolls Royce. A fact he had never forgotten.

I have recounted this story over several years and have found some others who remember this vehicle. Most of the people at ECL kind of took it for granted.

Does anyone else out there remember this car and did they ever get collected in it?

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