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Thu 09 July 2015

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Graham Harman has worked as Exhibition Manager for PESGB for the last few decades. Now retired, he reminisces on some of his early memories in the industry…

On a recent visit to the PESGB offices in Croydon I decided to take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the start (August 1968) of my demise in the oil industry – Canterbury House in Sydenham Road, the home of Geophysical Services International in the 60’s and 70’s.Unfortunately now it looks in a sorry state, empty, surrounded by security fencing and probably due for demolition. It did, though, start me thinking how many present “Captains” in our industry started here too. I suspect, if you scratch most of our Exploration Managers, Chief Geophysicists etc, you’ll find an ex-GSI man. My memories are filled with TIAC & TIDAR computers, thousands of tapes, LeRoy pens and print machines. We probably had less computing power in 1970 than most present-day mobile phones but they did the job. One happy foot note – I met my wife at GSI and we are still together after 45 years.

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