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Thu 27 August 2015

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Article by Neil Frewin, Exploration Manager – Global New Ventures at BG Group

The AAPG (Europe Division) and the PESGB will be holding a series of one-day courses focused on “Basin Mastery” from November 2015 (“Technical Mastery” courses are also being planned). These will be run at a low entry cost (£20) to ensure easy access to all.

The subject of the first course on Wednesday 11 November will be the Petroleum Geology of Myanmar (Onshore and Offshore Basins).

Myanmar has had a long petroleum exploration history and a renewed surge in investment in the last couple of years. There are multiple working petroleum systems evident onshore and offshore, with most under-explored outside of the main play fairways.

Participants in this one full day course will be escorted through the petroleum geology of Myanmar by Andy Racey, co-author of the newly-released Geological Society Memoir (“Petroleum Geology of Myanmar”). Andy will outline the regional tectonic setting and exploration history and the roles these have played in shaping hydrocarbon exploration in Myanmar. The geology and hydrocarbon occurrences of the neighbouring countries will also be briefly summarised.

Target audience: Industry and academic participants seeking an introduction to the petroleum geology of Myanmar.

The “Basin Mastery” courses will allow delegates to establish both the scientific and commercial insight required for successful play development in past, present and future potentially prospective plays in exciting basins. The courses aim to take delegates from basin-to-play-to-prospect by way of an exploration history alongside specific areas of expertise, including structural geology and petroleum systems. The involvement of data providers where possible, will allow delegates to gain a coherent understanding of how to illustrate the subsurface and determine the success of the play in question.

The series is also planned to include the Greenland and Labrador, and the Atlantic Equatorial Basins.
All workshops will take place at the PESGB headquarters in Croydon, easily accessible from central London.

To register your place for the Petroleum Geology of Myanmar (Onshore and Offshore Basins), please click here

For details of the programme please click here

If you have any other suggestions for what YOU would like to see, or if you have expertise in a particular basin or region and have the enthusiasm to share your knowledge, please contact Rebecca Dibley in the PESGB Office,

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