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Meet the 2018 Council Candidates – Nick Allan, Aberdeen Director Elect

Fri 13 October 2017

Category: Council, Elections, Membership

I am a born and bred Aberdonian geologist and have worked in the Granite City since I started my career in the oil and gas industry 11 years ago.  5 years with Dana Petroleum and 6 years with Parkmead gaining experience in the North Sea, Atlantic Margin and northwest Africa.  Having worked for smaller companies I soon learnt to appreciate the opportunities that the PESGB events bring in terms of networking and collaboration.  During this time of reduced industry activity it’s more important than ever that we share information between companies to ensure that we minimise failure.  The PESGB evening lectures are an integral part of this process.  I enjoy keeping well up to date with oil and gas news and E&A activity which I hope if elected would allow me to continue the good work of the previous Aberdeen Elect/Directors in bringing up to date, relevant and enjoyable talks to the Aberdeen and potentially London programmes in 2019.  I have a particular soft spot for talks focused on the operator’s experience of the application of modern broadband seismic, new discoveries and lessons learned through the drill bit.

In addition, over the last year or two I have been very impressed with the various technical/basin mastery and training courses that the PESGB have run in their Croydon offices at very affordable prices.  However due to additional travel and subsistence costs, Aberdeen members employed and unemployed have often missed out.  I am determined to encourage the PESGB to offer where practicable internet participation to future courses so that it can become more accessible for those in Aberdeen and in other regions who cannot afford to travel.

And finally, vote for me because my wife Maeve always complains that I am the last person to leave a party, which is surely a prerequisite when organising the PESGB Aberdeen Christmas party (sorry reception).

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