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Meet the 2019 Council Candidates – Bani Norouzian, President Elect

Mon 22 October 2018

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My introduction to Oil & Energy industry was at early age growing up in Iran while barrels of oil were used to negotiate against the ongoing war. Very rapidly I understood the importance of the industry and its immediate connection to politics resulting in a continued interest throughout my life.

Despite not obtaining a related degree in the industry, in 2004 I joined Alperton, a British company with an office in Tehran, where I was selling pipes and drill bits to oil and service companies. This was the beginning of my professional journey in the industry. Working amongst some of the most educated and humble of individuals since 2004, I have enjoyed every day of my career and wish to be part of the industry for years to come.

I joined Well Services of Iran (Schlumberger Methods) in Tehran in 2006 as an Account Manager for nearly 4 years selling software solutions and satellite connections to some of largest Iranian NOCs. I then moved to the UK and joined the Schlumberger office in 2009 with the same role, covering SIS products.

In 2011 I joined SMT (Seismic Micro Technology), now IHS Markit and have enjoyed serving different roles such as Marketing, Global Competitive Analyst and since 2015 as EMEA Sales Director for Geoscience, Engineering software solutions & Rushmore Reviews.

As someone with a degree in Health Information Management who made a career change to Energy industry with no bias in support of specific groups, I see a great deal of potential in collaboration with other organizations such as SPE, OGA, PAD and many more to flourish the hidden potential in this group.

I would like to achieve some of the following initiatives:

  • Introducing PESGB to the¬†financial market with investment interest in the industry
  • Initiate talks at schools/universities utilizing huge talent amongst the members
  • Increase diversity by 10%
  • Appreciating and harnessing the accumulated of over 2 million years of experience amongst current PESGB members
  • Create knowledge transfer program amongst senior and young members

Renewable energy and in particular wind energy is an industry on the rise, however rather new and immature. With oil & gas experts moving to this sector, skill transfer and new jobs can be captured therefore welcoming the rest of the energy industry to the PESGB society is also an important target to be achieved.

As the industry is finding its spirit yet again, PESGB will be a platform for active communication on industry expectation and challenges. I am hoping to bring in new ideas and approaches and keep PESGB aligned with fast changing environment and technology which will be home for all its valued members. Open and honest communication is key in success of any organization and receiving feedback, input or complaint from members is a gift which will make us better so I expect a lot of gifts from you all!

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