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Meet the 2020 PESGB Council Election Nominees – Aberdeen Director Elect – Cliff Lovelock

Thu 19 September 2019

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Why I am standing:

I was introduced to the PESGB by a colleague in 1991 and have been proud to be associated with it ever since. I enjoy introducing new colleagues to the society and seeing them expand their horizons and professional networks beyond what they have previously found possible.

I am standing for the role of Director Elect Aberdeen because I want to help maintain the current high standard of service that members receive from the society and give back something to an institution that has given me so much support during my career. Although I joined the society in London, I have spent the bulk of my career in Aberdeen and, if there is one thing I would like to achieve by being on the board, I would like to move the centre of gravity of the organization ever-so-slightly northwards.

I would like to see the Society continue to offer lectures, training, sponsorship and opportunities for its members and the industry to come together. I applaud the efforts that the PESGB is making to reach out to younger members and to the professionals of the future. Great strides have been made by appointing a Director for Young Professionals, but we could always do more. There is so much talent in the industry, at all stages of development – from students through new graduates and Young Professionals all the way to those who are enjoying a well-deserved retirement – which presents a challenge on how to serve everyone’s interests but also a fantastic opportunity to tap into its riches!

I want to deliver a society that supports members in all aspects of their professional life. One of the areas I think the society could develop is providing non-technical training, to cover some of the aspects of working which might not have a PetroSkills course devoted to it. The sorts of things I have in mind are around stress management or retirement planning – things that affect us all, unfortunately, but which can be made easier by better understanding our choices.

Thank you for voting for me.


I currently work for Shell as one of the Senior Geologists looking after our interests on the Clair field. My job involves integrating across the subsurface disciplines and beyond, managing Key Focus Areas. I particularly enjoy coaching and mentoring – not just graduates and new hires but anyone who asks for support.

I joined the oil industry as a school-leaver in 1986, working for a year in BP Research in Sunbury. I then went to the University of Birmingham where I gained a BSc in Geological Sciences. I subsequently also gained a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where I researched the sediments and exceptionally preserved fossils of the Silurian rocks in the Midland Valley of Scotland. Between the two degrees and immediately after completing my PhD I worked as a Technical Assistant for Esso, a Junior Geologist with Ranger and in software support with Schlumberger. Since joining Shell in Aberdeen in 1998 I have filled in a diverse range of roles including Equity Redetermination, Virtual Reality, a variety of global projects (including Carbon Capture and Storage) as well as a long stint as Senior Geologist on the Shell operated Gannet and Nelson clusters.

My wife also works in the industry and, when not at work, we like to get out into the beautiful Scottish countryside to watch the birds and other wildlife. When the weather is not up to it, I am quite happy to stay at home and tackle a cryptic crossword while avoiding the pleading stare of our one remaining cat.

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