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Meet the 2020 PESGB Council Election Nominees – Education & Training Director – Steve Pickering

Thu 19 September 2019

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Testimonial from Jim Henderson

Steve is perfectly qualified for the role of Education and Training Director. Firstly, he already has a great track record of active involvement with the PESGB. He was awarded an Honorary Membership, having been President of the Society in 2007 and before that 1st Vice President in 2002-2003. Among his many other contributions, Steve is also the de-facto leader of the Geophysics Special Interest Group which has organised seminars and other events for the PESGB for at least a decade.

In his last professional role at Schlumberger, he was director of the “NExT” training organization where he was responsible for organising and delivering training courses worldwide.

Steve claims to be semi-retired, but those of us who know him well realise that this is not entirely true! He is a doer, a consummate organiser and leader and most importantly, makes things happen. You can’t keep a good man down, and I am confident he will do a great job if elected onto the PESGB Council once again.


Testimonial from Steve Cannon

Where do I begin?  Helping me understand seismic depth conversion when we did our MSc together in 1983-85 at Birkbeck?  Roping me as Field trip Director in 2004 or talking me into organising the North Sea training course for PESGB in 2008; or helping me to create a reservoir modelling course for NExT in 2013?

Steve has been instrumental in so many PESGB conferences and training courses over the last 20 years, that he is a natural for this role at PESGB.  Education and training is the prime reason for the existence of the PESGB, apart from networking of course, and I am confident that Steve’s broad experience in the industry, both technical and from a business perspective, will once again enhance the Executive Committee and benefit those who look to the Society for relevant and effective training opportunities.  Did I mention that he has done the job before?



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