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Meet the 2020 PESGB Council Election Nominees – President Elect – Julie Branston

Thu 19 September 2019

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My love of geology started at a young age when I began my fossil collection after a rather fruitful pocket money spending spree during a family holiday in Morocco. This fuelled a passion which, a few years later, led to me studying a Geology A-level followed by Earth Sciences at Oxford, and then a Masters in Petroleum Geology from Imperial College.

Joining the industry via the service company route, my career with Schlumberger has taken me around the world; working in the field on seismic vessels for 6 years, then living and working abroad for 8 years and of course earning my Aberdeen stripes along the way. Being in the service sector, my various roles have exposed me to a wide range of projects, from many basins and countries around the world. I’ve worked with clients from the smallest one man/woman bands to the largest of the supermajors and also with NOCs and government authorities. It’s clear that many of the challenges faced are common across the spectrum, and the success of a well executed project is equally sweet, whatever the scale.

I am passionate about ensuring our industry strives to be diverse at all levels and in all ways, building and maintaining it as a place attractive to all, keeping it competitive in terms of attracting and retaining top talent. The PESGB plays a key role in providing a link between academia, operator companies, regulators, supply chain and service companies. I will support these efforts to enable the PESGB to maintain its influence, responding positively to current trends and working to predict future shifts and the impact they may have on the petroleum exploration.

Whatever part of the Oil and Gas Sector you sit in, being based in the UK will mean that the PESGB has been relevant to you as you’ve navigated through your studies and your career. Having benefitted from this personally and professionally for many years, I would like to take this opportunity to give something back to the society by bringing my energy and enthusiasm for our industry and the amazing people in it to their council table.

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