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Meet the 2021 PESGB Council Election Nominees – Secretary – Mark Robinson

Tue 29 September 2020

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I studied my BSc in Applied and Environmental Geology at The University of Birmingham, followed by an MSc in Petroleum Geology at Imperial College under the guidance of Bob Stoneley et al, where we were introduced into the world of the petroleum industry and “advised” to join the PESGB. Indeed, many followed the wisdom and having been a member of the Society for many years since I have found it extremely beneficial and worthwhile.

My career has found me working in various locations, starting with Schlumberger as Geoscientist; my first project was 2D seismic exploration in Namibia on paper! After a brief interlude with Fina and a personal trip (for a year) to Latin America, I found myself working for Schlumberger again. Initially based in Gatwick before moving to Gabon, West Siberia and then Moscow. This gave me a good grounding in field development, discipline integration and cultural differences. I then spent 3 years in Damascus, Syria (Shell), on field development in the Euphrates Graben. Returning to the UK I joined Northern Petroleum as a Senior Geophysicist; an enjoyable 7-year period, promoting exploration acreage, developing production assets, and reviewing many opportunities.

Recently, like many, I have found myself in unchartered waters, working as a consultant. The industry and the Society perhaps also find itself in unchartered waters, which poses challenges to us as a technical community and as a Society; striking the right balance and right message is key as we navigate the waters ahead.

I would like to give something back to the Society which has given so much throughout my career in good and troubling times. It would be an honour to serve on the Council of the Society.

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