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Meet the 2021 PESGB Council Election Nominees – Secretary – Raquel Arzola

Tue 29 September 2020

Category: Community, Council, Elections, Membership

In times of uncertainty the need for a constant is greater, which is why I have decided to stand for re-election as the PESGB Secretary. The unprecedented events of 2020 have thrown the PESGB into unchartered waters, where a less experienced and unified Council may have floundered and failed to adapt to the new normal. However, I am extremely proud that the current Council have managed to do the opposite: we have embraced virtual learning and networking, increasing the attendance of the Evening Lectures, and put together fantastic programmes for virtual conferences – no easy task when also dealing with uncertainty in our day jobs AND working from home.

However, there is still work to be done to ensure that the PESGB continues to meet its objectives and stay relevant to its membership, especially during such trying times. My aim is to maintain continuity in Council meetings and correspondence, more so with the upcoming change in the presidency. I will continue to issue thorough minutes promptly and capture and follow up on all actions, to ensure that what we say needs to be done, gets done.

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