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Meet the 2021 PESGB Council Election Nominees – Vice President – Craig Jones

Tue 29 September 2020

Category: Community, Council, Elections, Membership

Like so many of us in the society my love of the subsurface began with dinosaurs and subsequent collecting of fossils. My journey continued along the geophysical rather than geological route.

I joined the industry after completing a degree in Physics and Masters in Geophysics at the University of Leeds. I entered via the service company route, starting with a geophysical processing position in PGS. This took me around the world; working in the field on seismic vessels, rolling out new technology offshore Nigeria, being involved in technical knowledge share groups in Houston. Following a technical start I transitioned into the commercial role of MultiClient sales and have continued that into my current position of Business Development Manager for data management company Katalyst.

After more than 10 years of enjoying the benefits of our great society I would like to take this opportunity to give something back by bringing my energy and enthusiasm to ensure that the PESGB continues to play a key role in providing a link between academia, operator companies, regulators, supply chain and service companies. I also see the benefits which our current environment has given us. For examples those not in Aberdeen are now able to remotely join the Oil finder lunches. Even though deep down we are a sociable bunch and nothing is quite like meeting in person with a drink (tipple of your choice), the ongoing remote working is allowing more freedom of how we can communicate with each other and gives us an opportunity to engage all of us and the wider community.

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