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Only a week left to take advantage of early bird rates: Mitigating Bias & Blindness in E&P Interpretations & Decision Making

Thu 23 June 2016

Category: Courses

Course Objective

This is a course about how perceptual blindness and cognitive bias impact our analysis, interpretations, and decision-making in our business. Perceptual blindness is the condition where we fail to see an unexpected event in plain sight. Cognitive bias refers to errors in thinking whereby interpretations and judgements are drawn in an illogical fashion. Both of these lead to poor decisions regarding which work to undertake, what issues to focus on, our interpretations, and whether to forge-ahead or walk-away from a project.

Course Outline

The course begins by examining the types of blindness and biases that affect us. Exercises, videos, and discussions help illustrate how these exert themselves in our daily activities. The impact of blindness and biases in the oil and gas industry will be addressed via anecdotes and case studies. Two real-world exercises are presented to help participants recognize and reduce blindness and bias in their technical work and decision making. The course will conclude with a summary ‘toolkit’ providing guidance on mitigating blindness and bias.

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