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Fri 29 March 2019

Category: Magazine, Membership

Article by Maria Iredale, PESGB Executive Director

Everyone will be set to online-only as default on our database on 1 July, please log in to your PESGB account AFTER this date and opt into postal if this is your preference.

In an effort to ‘play our part’, here at your PESGB we will be switching all the magazine settings from their current position of paper to digital. Before you panic and start drafting a letter to us from ‘furious from Didcot’, you only have to log in and switch it back if you would still prefer a paper copy, this will be happening in July 2019 and we will be sending out lots of reminders, so you won’t forget. ‘Why are we doing this’, you ask, well I will tell you. The Oil and Gas industry is doing its ‘bit’, for the environment where it can and here at the PESGB we want to do our bit too and reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can…

We currently have approx. 25% of members choosing to get the magazine online and by encouraging members to review this we hope to move that figure up to around 40% which will save a few trees per month and as the new membership directory would be in the process of being put together and you will be asked to check the details we have on file for you, we felt this was the ideal time.

If you would like to email your comments on this, please feel free to get in touch with me directly on

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