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Oxand ‘Risk Management Game’ at PETEX 2016

Oxand, an international consulting and solutions provider that deliver solutions to optimize investment and maintenance costs of physical assets throughout their lifecycle, has developed a specific gameplay for the PETEX 2016 conference.

In the ‘Explore your Career Zone’, they will host their ‘Risk Management Game’ for Free, to interested delegates, twice a day over the three days of the conference (15-17 Nov).

Participants will be part of a project team that has to deliver a major, risky asset management project in time and within budget. Each game consists of 4 phases: design, drilling, production and late life/ decommissioning and delegates can sign up for each or all of the phases. At the end of the fourth phase, there will be a debriefing session reviewing the entire lifecycle of the project. Over the course of the 3 days, Oxand will monitor the teams who have completed the project phases the quickest and within budget and the wining team will be announced at the end of the day on Thursday.

Participants will have to deal with a variety of risks, that not only have technical aspects, but also for example legal and organisational aspects.  The objective is to design a risk mitigation strategy, raise awareness about the value of an adequate risk management, in the context of design, construction and maintenance of complex Oil & Gas projects.  The game will give to the participants a better understanding of risks and guidance on how to implement risk management within their project.

To take part in one or all phases of the game, please register your participation on as soon as possible. Each phase is limited to 16 players. If your Company is interested in Oxand hosting this game in your offices, please register your interest on Book-4. Check out their other games and training as well.

Oxand combines high skilled knowledge with big data and implement risk informed decision making and life-cycle performance management processes. Their services deliver reduce risks, rationalizing resources and the optimizing of operations and projects’ costs. Their Clients are investors, owners, contractors and operators in Energy (Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Renewables), Transport (Railways, Highways, Ports, Airports & Waterways), Real Estate (Public Private Infrastructures, Industrial assets).

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