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Pavement Geology Go!

Mon 27 March 2017

The London Pavement Geology website, founded and developed by Geologists Dave Wallis and Ruth Siddall, is now available on a free App for both Android and Apple platforms.

Based on a lifelong desire to create publicly accessible data on the wealth of high quality rock samples found in and around London, the website, and now the Apps, enable students, amateurs and professionals alike to search for and add to this increasingly valuable resource.

The rock and fossil sites are mapped in a searchable database, and most of the sites are visible to the public from the pavement, enabling users to plan outings or just look at what’s available in their current location.

The Apps were made possible through the generosity of three major awards earlier this year from the PESGB’s SCID fund, the Geologists’ Association’s Curry Fund, the British Geological Society and Geoscience Wales plus a number of minor and anonymous donations.  The funding required to develop and field test the apps was acquired in the 1st quarter of 2016 and the Apps have been in development until now.  Following rigorous field-testing they were both submitted and accepted by both Apple and Google Play, and are available for free download now.

Dave Wallis, a geologist with 45 years’ experience in the oil industry, first dreamed of creating a database of rocks when he graduated in the 1960’s, and it is only since returning to the UK in 2003 as a part-time consultant that he was able to bring the projec to fruition.

“I remember seeing an interesting rock sample on the steps of the university, and wondering whether anyone had ever thought of cataloguing such samples” he said. “Back then I was thinking of a paperback book – now of course with maps and internet connection freely available, we have been able to use the most up to date technology to make the database available to everyone”.

Users are invited to submit new locations where rocks are discovered, through the App or the website at  Photos of unidentifiable samples are welcome, and Dave and Ruth will try to identify and add them to the catalogue.


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