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PESGB 2018 Council Election Now Live

Mon 16 October 2017

Category: Council, Elections, Membership

It’s that time of year again – election time.You will now be able have your say about the future of our organisation and vote in our council election survey! You will be able to do this today through a link in your member’s page, located in the ‘My Account’ area.

Many positions within our council are now up for contest as the terms of many of our current board members are coming to an end. They all did a fantastic job and, despite the condition of the industry, we believe that due in a large part to their hard work and dedication our organisation is stronger than ever before.

The selection of nominees we have for the 2018 council seems to be just a promising as the past year’s. We have many excellent candidates and everyone here at PESGB is sure that, whatever the outcome of the election, we will be in safe hands. Please take the time to meet our candidates through the links to below. We will announce the results of the election as soon as possible and will be sure to tell you all about our new council.

Thank you in advance for taking part!

President Elect                                      Director of Education and Training                                

Anthony Fogg                                        Tim Gibbons        James Churchill

Martin Durham                                      Andy Racey   

Aberdeen Elect                                      Young Professionals Director            

Maurice Bamford                                  Nick Holgate       

Nick Allan            

Outreach Director

Amanda Turner   

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