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PESGB Cumberland-Lake District Branch Meet

Mon 21 December 2015

Category: Membership

Piece by Dave Bodecott

On account of everyone being so busy at the moment with the surge to $20 oil, decommissioning the North Sea, and arranging free Methane for all to offset the coming ice-age, we decided for convenience in the pre-Christmas chaotic sub-zone to have a SATURDAY lunch meeting. It’s the only way to find a consultant these days.

One fell by the wayside – he is good in the desert sands but the un-seasonal heavy snow dump of 12th December stopped him in his tracks and we were five instead of six. To be fair, the A66 WAS blocked. Rally driving should definitely be part of the driving test north of Watford.

The main topic of the meeting was the current down-cycle, illustrated by horrific slides and even more horrific graphs of decreasing oil prices and even bigger and more horrific decreases in share prices.


All the participants were however, very busy plotting a successful future and very philosophical about the opportunities now available. There WILL be another area meeting – life goes on!

A different type of inversion from the group’s area:


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