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PESGB Educational Training Programme | Message from Maria Iredale

Tue 15 September 2020

Dear Members,


These are strange times indeed, for all our organisations.


The PESGB had started planning significant changes to the education programme in 2019 but the lockdown saw these changes accelerate exponentially.


Our members have been amazing, they have stepped forward to share their knowledge, and support the society at this difficult time.


The Night School has been particularly successful and the fact that it is online has allowed international as well as national participation. The tutors have been incredibly generous with their time and the feedback from the participants has been wonderful and personal to the tutors.


A big thank you goes to Steve Pickering from the PESGB Council, who has supported this new programme without reservation and helped us in securing tutors and topics. His knowledge of the subjects and his understanding of what we need, both in terms of logistics and content, have been at the heart of our success.


To all the tutors who gave their time and continue to do so, we cannot thank you enough, your contribution is supporting the organisation and its members in this difficult time.


On a personal note I also wanted to say a big thank you to the office team who run this education programme. They have joined in with the delegates on everything from Sequence Stratigraphy to Basin Analysis and Modelling! They are not Petroleum Geologists yet, but they are well on their way.


Best wishes,




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