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Has your PESGB membership lapsed?

Fri 14 July 2017

Category: Industry News, Membership

The PESGB has migrated to a new website and database. The new login system requires you to set up a password and primary email address to log in instead of your membership number/surname.

To renew your membership, click on the ‘Apply to Join’ button on the top right of the window. Please use the same email address that was linked to your previous account as this will sync with your old record and should pre-populate the fields on this registration page.

If the email that was linked to your old account is no longer valid or you are unsure which email address was previously recorded, please contact the PESGB office to reset this for you or see what is currently in the system.

Please note that the ‘Apply to Join’ process will only be applicable when you are renewing for the first time after our data migration.

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