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PESGB New Membership Platform

Wed 12 February 2020

Category: Community, Membership, Networking

After much consideration and discussion, PESGB decided to overhaul the previous database and move to a new platform. Please note that the PESGB Website will remain the same, so you will be able to Register to Events and view the magazine as normal. The website remains on

The platform where Members are able to connect with each other is a new portal. This is The new platform promises more opportunities for members to engage with each other and with us! It’s much more user friendly, effective and actually works! Consider the new database as a face lift carried out on our previous database.

Unable to use the new system?

We’re aware change can be scary and it can take some time in getting used to the new platform. To ease your fears, we have created the following Video Tutorials.

You’ve received the Invite Email – Now what?

The Database is confusing – all I see is posts from other people

Please contact the PESGB Membership team at if you have not yet received an invitation email to the new database.

If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to contact us in the office and the membership team will be on hand to assist you.

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