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PESGB Sustaining Sponsors | What do Sustaining Sponsors mean to the PESGB?

Mon 07 September 2020

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What do Sustaining Sponsors mean to the PESGB?

We posed this question to Executive Director, Maria Iredale and here’s what she had to say…


I don’t have the records that go back far enough to tell me when the Sustaining Sponsorships began but I do know that these symbiotic relationships are very important to the PESGB and its members.


The sponsors are individuals and companies who recognise the PESGB’s value to the petroleum geoscience community and chose to align themselves with our brand, values and members.  When one of the Sustaining Sponsors renews or we get a new sponsor, it always makes me feel like a kid getting picked first for a sports team; we are the chosen ones, the one that the team captain wants above all others.


To us, you are not just a logo in the magazine or the website etc, you are a company that selected the PESGB, as a good fit for what you wanted to achieve for your company, and it’s a privilege to be able to help you.


The packages have just been revamped by Leanne Smith to best fit the enquiries she was receiving, but if you feel we can help you in a way that’s not listed then please get in touch.


They are now named after famous geologists and there was a lot of debate on who should take the top spot, why not check out the programme and see if you agree with our choices.

Best wishes,



If you would like to find out more about becoming a Sustaining Sponsor, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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