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PETEX 2016, 15-17 November 2016, ExCeL London – Introducing the members of the PETEX Forum panel, the main conference highlight on Thursday, 17 November

PETEX Forum! 

The 26th edition of PETEX will be witness to one of the most interesting and interactive debate to date. The PETEX Forum, which has been a constant feature at our shows, attracting an ever growing audience, will return on the final day of the conference, on Thursday 17 November.

This year, the topic is: What is the new normal? Just another cycle or a structural change in the hydrocarbon industry. 

Promising a vibrant, provocative and stimulating discussion on a range of topics: redefining Corporate strategies, the Energy mix, the crew change, the Industry’s response to intense pressure across the sector, the demise of some Small Caps, bankruptcy of other Industry instiutions, the impact of increasing Global/Social conscience, and retrenching by  the Service Sector, the Forum will be headlined by key Industry figures.

Format and Panel Members

Join us for an exciting ‘Question Time’-style of panel debate. The Panel will be Chaired by Professor Iain Stewart and comprise representatives from across the Industry, including the E&P and Service Sector, Academia, The City and Media/Analysts. Attendees will be encouraged to submit questions to the panel using our interactive technology. You can also submit your question in advance by email at with the subject PETEX Forum Question, and some lucky few will be chosen to read their questions out on the morning. Please make sure to include your mobile number in the email so we can get in touch with you before the show.

The Panel will be formed of:

  • Iain Stewart (Chairman)-Director of the Sustainable Earth Institute; Plymouth University
  • Oswald Clint (Analyst)-Senior Research Analyst; AB Bernstein
  • Jon Fitzpatrick (City/Broker)-Executive Director; Gneiss Energy Ltd
  • Nick Fretwell (Major Oil Company)-Vice President; Total E&P
  • Francis Gugen (Service Sector)-Chairman; PGS, IGas Energy and Chrysaor
  • Julian Lee (Media/Strategist)-Oil Strategist; Bloomberg
  • Oonagh Werngren (Former OGA)

To see the full bios, click here.


For a chance to take part in the PETEX Forum, the main conference, the exhibition as well as all the other amazing features of this year’s show, visit our website and register today!

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