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Pitch Your Prospect: 4Gen Energy UK

Tue 08 December 2015

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4Gen Energy UK Ltd and GTO Limited announce the launch of their 28th Round farmout opportunities in Quad 30 (Blocks 30/22 and 23a) and Quad 44 (Blocks 44/7, 8, 9 and 10) following detailed prospect evaluation.

The DeLorean Complex in Blocks 30/22 and 30/32a is adjacent to Enquest’s redevelopment of the Argyll field (Alma/Galia) and is comprised of 4 prospects mapped utilizing reprocessed 3D with multiple zone objectives and a combined resource potential in excess of 100 million barrels. Impedance/amplitude studies conducted confirm a potential analogue with the adjacent Argyll (Alma) field.  An engineering firm was commissioned to design an innovative and efficient development concept which is commercially attractive at current oil prices.

In Quad 44 Blocks 44/7, 8, 9 and 10 a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of 3D seismic has highlighted the potential of significant prospective gas resource in the Draco area close to the Cygnus gas field. This potential within the Rotliegendes and the intra-Carboniferous Westphalian and Namurian on the northern margin of the Sole Pit Basin presages a regeneration of interest in this largely underexplored area.

Meet 4Gen Energy UK & GTO on Booth 13 at PROSPEX, Business Design Centre, 9-10 December 2015
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