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Pitch Your Prospect: Cluff Natural Resources

Tue 27 October 2015

Category: Exhibition, London, North Sea, Pitch Your Prospect, Prospex

Cluff Natural Resources (CNR) chose for Round 28 to focus on the resources of the pre-Westphalian section downdip from Breagh and Crosgan as it was evident that Dinantian source rocks were probable and commercial quality reservoirs of this age were already in production. Post-award work has confirmed that Dinantian sources are present on either side of the Breagh High. Namurian sourced opportunities up dip of Pegasus and Andromeda have also been identified, together with Rotliegend pinchouts along the northern margin of the Silverpit Basin, Zechstein carbonate traps above the BPU and amplitude-bearing Bunter closures. The prospectively of this previously remote region of the North Sea has been enhanced by new infrastructure and new 3D. Further enhancement is provided by modern technologies as they permit smaller and/or tighter reservoirs to be developed. Encouraging are the new awards in the area, some of which must host plays related to CNR’s opportunities.

Meet Cluff Natural Resources on Booth 58 at PROSPEX, Business Design Centre, 9-10 December 2015
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