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Please note, doors will close once we are at capacity at this evening's London Lecture

Tue 09 February 2016

Category: Evening Lectures, London, Networking

Get there early so as to not miss out!

Back to the Future – Historic Artefacts from the Apollo Missions to the Moon

With Mark Yates & Michael Warner

There can be little doubt that the live television broadcasts, 16mm silent movies and the Hasselblad still photographs brought back from the moon are one of the most memorable and important human legacies of the twentieth century.  To those of us born during or after the Apollo programme – these videos and photographs have been the only means of identifying with this great achievement.

This lecture will introduce a number of Apollo era artefacts a couple of which have made the 240,000 mile journey to the moon and back again. This lecture will feature these flown items complete with photographs and supporting audio of their use, to show that some 40 years later they still have a fascinating story to tell and continue to be an inspiration for the next chapter of Space Exploration.

The Geological Society of London, 6pm



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