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REVIEW: Christmas, Across the Pond

Thu 19 January 2017

Category: Branches, Networking, Social

houston1Review by Michael Lee, Hess

Across the pond on 15 December, the Houston PESGB regional branch held its first event, a networking session/Christmas party at the Richmond Arms. Around 40 people came, both members and non-members, for drinks, food and company. Many had been members when they were based in the UK and while some had maintained their membership, others had lost touch and were excited to be reconnecting with a society that they remembered fondly. One attendee had been a member in the UK 20 years ago, and was intending to rejoin due to the presence of a Houston branch.

In addition, some non-members (both Americans and internationals) came to learn more about the PESGB and were interested to learn about what the society does. British beer and scotch eggs are also very popular with Houston based expats and locals alike!

The turnout and feedback has been very encouraging, and we plan to make these informal events more of a regular occurrence, with a target of one per quarter. The next one is being planned for April, so stay tuned. The Houston regional branch committee would like to thank all the people who attended and for the help of the UK based PESGB team for helping us get started.

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