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REVIEW: Cumberland & Lake District Meeting

Mon 29 April 2019

Category: Branches, Reviews

Review by Dave Bodecott

Eight members met at the Herdwick Inn, Penruddock, M6 J40 for drinks and dinner.

Presentation from Chris Bamber on OGA data archiving policy and practical implications of core disposal.

Doug Penrose presented Broadband Seismic processing.

Oil price trends presented by Dave Bodecott. Has it peaked?






Source BBC 29/4/19.


Extensive debate in the letters page in Geol. Soc. Geoscientist for April 2019 relating to the Geol. Soc. position statements on climate were discussed:

Also the diversity articles on the PESGB blog:

Excellent networking event.

The gathered group of experienced brains could have written a very good working energy policy for UK plc.

Much better than the current government applies.

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