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REVIEW: Local Cumberland-Westmorland-Lake District PESGB group meet

Mon 16 July 2018

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Local Cumberland-Westmorland-Lake District PESGB group meet near M6 J40 at the Sportsman’s Inn, Troutbeck, Friday 13th for lunch.


Speaker was Professor Jonathan Redfern who described Triassic models from North Africa – superb slides and great discussion concerning the size, scale and deliverability of reservoir units, including field validation. Specifically, the Morocco TAGI or Triasique Argile Greseuses Inferieur.

The Sportsman’s did well with food and the adjacent wall for the projector in a quiet corner. Even the excess numbers of flies (due to a proper summer) added a touch of Saharan realism. Much of Jonathan’s material is available on the Sound Energy website and elsewhere.


The meeting also discussed the recent letter (June 2018) submitted by a global group to the Geological Society concerning their 2010 and 2013 “Climate Change” statements as two of the signatories were in attendance. The group believe at present that the observational data from the real World do not match the statements, and the group believe the issue has become clouded by politics and other issues rather than an honest reflection of the data – and they have the material to confirm their view.

Euan Mearns website hosted an online debate on the issue during the first part of this year:

Euan had over 250 responses.

The letter is here plus numerous comments below:


Interestingly, at the Geol. Soc. AGM on June 6th, during final questions, Richard Hardman (former President) asked what the greatest challenges facing the Society were. The outgoing President stated that the lack of academics in the Society was a major concern. Funny that – since the climate change statements were written almost entirely by academics.


Our PESGB meeting also discussed recent gas discoveries onshore South Australia (Beach Energy), and the rollout of rural broadband, leading some attendees to have 750 Mb/s connectivity available in their offices.


We also discussed recent 3D seismic in difficult terrains world-wide which is moving fast with remote wireless/cable-less and drone/airborne technology. 500-fold acquisition in one example from the Sahara, fast and low-cost.


Thanks to PESGB office for their support to our group and looking forward to an Autumn meeting after a long hot summer we hope.

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