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REVIEW: Three Counties Christmas Curry

Thu 19 January 2017

Category: Branches, Networking, Social

Review by David Johnstone, ERCL 

November and December were active months for the 3 Counties Group with an enlightening evening discussion on UK Shale Gas and the Christmas Party with a hearty festive fare of Turkey curry.

We would like to thank Gareth Beamish, Subsurface Director at INEOS Shale, for his wide-ranging and open talk on “The Potential Challenges of Shale Gas Development in the UK” and to INEOS for sponsoring the venue. The talk was another great success and was again very well attended with the barn full to capacity. Gareth introduced us to INEOS, the Anglo-Swiss multi-national, one of the world’s largest chemicals companies and the first to import ethane from US shale gas into the UK as feedstock for Grangemouth now that availability from the North Sea has declined. INEOS operates some of the most energy-intensive assets in the UK including one of only two gas crackers in the country, hence the company has a particularly interest in securing reliable long term gas supplies as part of its wider business strategy. Gareth then gave a comprehensive overview of the shale gas potential of the UK illustrated with a variety of basin cross-sections, well logs and drawing comparisons with US shale plays. This was followed by outlining proposed drilling and hydraulic fracturing practices but sparking particular debate and interest in the room was INEOS’ approach to community relations and Gareth’s experiences engaging with the public at a local level. Much discussion was had on the roles we, as a collective industry, could take in the public understanding of the benefits and challenges faced by our nation’s energy needs. We would certainly like to thank all who contributed to making this an informative and thought provoking evening.

The Three Tuns really pulled out the stops for our inaugural Christmas party complete with Christmas tree, roaring log fire, and delicious curries which inspired sackloads of festive bonhomie. It was great to see so many people there and a great time was had by all. A very big thankyou to Toya Latham for organising the event and providing home baked cakes for dessert, they went down a treat. Thanks also to the ticket sellers (Joseph Nicholson and Joan McKinley) whose persuasive techniques helped to make the evening such a success.
For those in the 3Cs region who haven’t yet attended our informal talks are held in the old stable bar to one of the quaintest market square public houses in Henley-on-Thames, The Three Tuns. Afterwards there’s a often collective move to a local eateries for further discussion.

All are welcome to join and we are particularly interested to hear of any talk proposals or ideas for future events.


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