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Tue 16 June 2015

Category: Call for Papers, Education, Membership

The Oil Exploration Game: An Educational Tool to Enhance Learning

23 September 2015, PESGB Training, 7th Floor, No.1 Croydon, 12-16 Addiscombe Road, CR0 0XT

Research has shown that games can be an excellent tool to enhance learning objectives, particularly of abstract and complex concepts. As we know, the petroleum industry is a very detailed, technical business.  Unlike many industries it deals with opportunities that have a tremendous amount of uncertainty and risk in a high cost environment, particularly in exploration.  To aid in the understanding of oil and gas exploration and complement current secondary school and undergraduate courses in a variety of disciplines such as geology, geography, business and economics, an exciting new learning tool has been developed by Marc Bond.

The Oil Exploration Game puts individuals, working in teams, into a demanding and competitive environment where they have to make decisions on where to explore and how much to pay to acquire licences.  In addition to adding enrichment to standard course instruction and gaining an appreciation of the oil and gas industry, the participants also learn important skills related to problem solving, decision making, team work, creative thinking, leadership, and coping with uncertainty and change.  By the end of the game, the students should have a much better appreciation of the importance of geological concepts and decision-making skills in exploring for hydrocarbons, and how this fits into the wider issues related to energy and geo-political considerations.

PESGB, AAPG and Rose & Associates are sponsoring an Educational Outreach programme to raise public awareness of the oil & gas industry and support the teaching of petroleum geology concepts.  The aim is to use the Oil Exploration Game as a direct tool to reach students.  The intent is that experienced geoscientists in the hydrocarbon industry would facilitate the Game.  The de-brief session following the completion of the game is a fundamental process of the simulation and the facilitator is expected to be a key part of the de-brief.  Bringing our experience to this initiative will be invaluable for its success.

PESGB is looking for members who would be interested in participating in this educational initiative.  PESGB is hosting an event on 23 September to train those who are interested to become facilitators for the game.

If you would like to support the PESGB Education programme then contact Marc Bond, game designer ( or Guy Elliott, Executive Director PESGB (

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