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REVIEW: GIS for Geoscientists – An Applied Approach for the Petroleum Industry

Wed 12 October 2016

Category: PESGB Young Professionals, Reviews


Review by Catherine Caulfield, Hannon Westwood

Many thanks to Martin Insley, Tullow Oil and Thomas Goode, IGas Energy for their respective presentations on how ArcGIS can be used to enhance geological workflows. Martin discussed how remote sensing data integrated with map data can be used in the interpretation of surface structure, sediment erosion rates and development planning. He highlighted the impressive level of detail and subsequent value achievable from low cost hardware and software. Further, he discussed the use of oil seep data for the identification of high potential acreage globally. Thomas Goode demonstrated how ArGIS can be used for well location planning onshore UK. His used a very effective “cookie-cutter” analogy to explain how the  buffer tool can be used to exclude no-drill areas from an ordnance survey map leaving potential drill locations. The resulting map can then be overlain with geological maps to determine best well placement.  A special thanks to our co-organisers EPUG, a volunteer-run user group focused on improving and enhancing the use of GIS within the petroleum industry. We would also like to thank Engie for the use of the fantastic venue.


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