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Stand for the 2017 PESGB Council… as Aberdeen Elect

Mon 03 October 2016

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The PESGB are currently searching for passionate and willing individuals to stand for several council positions in 2017. The opportunity to sit on council will be both a challenging and rewarding experience, but ultimately one filled with important decision making, collaboration, and communication.

The PESGB council is a great opportunity to develop new skills for work, as well as a tool for discovering hidden skills are already have. Because help and guidance is with you every step of the way, you have no need to be hesitant in applying; a deep work ethic, communication skills, and a passionate love for your chosen role is all that is needed to succeed and develop within the council.

So whomever are you, research what skills the PESGB council could help you to develop, while also considering what you could personally bring to the council itself. Consider applying for this great optionally to surround yourself with like-minded professionals; the PESGB council is waiting.

Aberdeen Elect

The role of Director Elect of Aberdeen is to be a representative for the PESGB in Aberdeen and will be the Aberdeen Director the following year. The society has a large cohort of members in the city and they require representation.

In addition to the general responsibilities of a council member, duties of the Director Elect include the following:

  • Organising the Aberdeen Christmas party for the membership. Sourcing the venue and working with the office team on the logistics.
  • Acts as Chair at the monthly lectures if the Aberdeen Director is not present.
  • Act as a advocate for unemployed members and develop initiatives that support them, particularly in a downturn.

To apply, please contact Maria Iredale at 

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