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STEMfest 2015

Tue 07 July 2015

Category: Education, Outreach

Article by Guy Elliott, PESGB

On Tuesday 30 June, I was invited to attend STEMfest Crawley at the South of England Showground, by CGG who had contacted us originally because they wanted to find out if we would be prepared to give them some of our NS Structural Map. We agreed and sent 800 copies, so each of their giveaway bags would contain a copy of the map.

What is STEM I hear you ask? Well STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and the purpose of the day is celebrate these subjects and show a diverse range of opportunities that exist if you choose to study these subjects.

Arriving at the showground there was a huge crowd of students all moving between the different parts of the show, creating a real buzz and excitement. “How many students are you expecting?” I enquired, we have limited it to 7500 students and over 150 schools and teachers!

As part of the day students were able to visit a huge number of exhibitors who covered everything from employers, universities, and NGOs. All who attended explained the excitement and the reality of how you take what is learnt in the classroom and given a real life context and career choice.

One of the best parts of the day was the regional awards ceremony. Many of the schools represented had groups of students who had entered the regional competition to win a variety of prizes based around the STEM subjects. To see the excitement of the students and theirs teachers as the winners were announced and the sheer number of students who had participated was fantastic. Winning students would then go on to the national finals, in their various categories competition including the Young Scientist of the Year.

My conclusion was that this was an incredible experience and a brilliant way to interact with a huge number of students and make connections with their schools and their teachers. So be assured that PESGB will be registering to attend and support STEMfest 2016 at the Big Bang Fair South East.


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