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Struggling For Christmas Ideas? Get this Jurassic Coast Fossil Book part-funded by the PESGB

Mon 23 October 2017

Fossils of the Jurassic Coast is a book about our relationship with the deep past – a place we journey to using science, and bring to life with our imagination.

Earth Scientist, and Dorset-born fossil enthusiast, Sam Scriven brings a new and engaging perspective on the stories of science, deep time and our relationship with the rocks around us.  It reveals the mystery and excitement that lies at the heart of geological heritage and showcases the extraordinary treasures of the Dorset and East Devon coast.

Starting with the formation of the earth itself, Fossils of The Jurassic Coast takes a step by step walk through the periods of time recorded along this special coastline, mixing analysis and explanation of the fossils with an engaging understanding of how life on our plant developed.

Chapters are accompanied by richly illustrated itinerary pages, highlighting particular locations and examples of what can be found and explored by readers themselves.

The book concludes with a focus on fossil hunting, its history and heritage and the best way in which enthusiasts today can discover the fossilised remains of past ages of the earth.

Fossils of the Jurassic Coast is written to appeal to both the experienced fossil enthusiast and the first-time visitor to the coast.  Itinerary pages and a glossary help the uninitiated to get their bearings while great photography, attention to scientific detail and a new and compelling narrative approach will be of interest to those whose shelves are already full of similar books. Designed to a high quality it makes a wonderful souvenir and a lasting reference book.

Priced at £14.95 the book is fantastic value for money – 224 pages long, full of amazing photography and illustrations, including newly commissioned images from local artists.  It also includes a pull out poster-sized diagram of the Jurassic Coast Tree of Life, featuring the fossil species that evolved here during the Mesozoic Era.

“Fossils are delivered into our hands after millions of years in darkness. They tumble from the rocks of the Jurassic Coast, out into the sunlight, bringing with them the possibility of a brighter understanding of our world and of our place in it!”


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