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The best of Petroleum Geoscience collection

Fri 13 July 2018

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 This collection comprises 8 papers recently published in Petroleum Geoscience and presented in a dedicated session at the 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018, Copenhagen. Petroleum Geoscience provides a multidisciplinary outlet for the publication needs of those involved in the science and technology of the rock-related sub-surface disciplines. Published by both the Geological Society of London and EAGE, the journal aims to share knowledge of reservoir geoscience and to reflect the international nature of its development. It welcomes a range of papers on all petroleum and sub-surface geoenergy systems reporting understandings and transferable knowledge in the detection, characterization, exploitation and monitoring of resources and reserves.


Congratulations to Erick Alvarez, Colin MacBeth and Jonathan Brain who were winners of the Norman Falcon Award 2018 for their paper ‘Quantifying remaining oil saturation using time-lapse seismic amplitude changes at fluid contacts’ published in Petroleum Geoscience. The paper has been included in this collection below.

Photo courtesy of EAGE.

Papers within the collection:

Hormuz salt distribution and influence on structural style in NE Saudi Arabia by S. A. Stewart

Combining basin modelling with high-resolution heat-flux simulations to investigate the key drivers for burial dolomitization in an offshore carbonate reservoir by A. Mangione et al.

Two-step wireline log analysis of overprhttp://Link to in the Bekapai Field, Lower Kutai Basin, Indonesia by A. M. Ramdhan & N. R. Goulty

Carbon dioxide storage in the Captain Sandstone aquifer: determination of in situ stresses and fault-stability analysis by J. D. O. Williams et al.

The importance of detailed geological characterization for future expanded use of gas storage in the sustainable energy context by B. Otto

The impact of fine-scale reservoir geometries in submarine lobe deposits; outcrop analogues from the Tanqua depocenter by M. Hofstra et al.

Faults as barriers or channels to production-related flow: insights from case studies by C. A. J. Wibberley et al.

Quantifying remaining oil saturation using time-lapse seismic amplitude changes at fluid contacts by E. Alvarez et al.


View the entire collection online here

All papers are free to read until 31 December 2018. Petroleum Geoscience can be found in the Lyell collection:

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